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Monday, January 29

Winter Wine Dinner

Monday, January 29

Jaleo Bethesda invites you to a winter wine dinner!

The Menu


  • Ibérico ham carved to order 
  • Puffed Bread with Tomato and Boquerones 
  • Sangria Spheres 
  • Paired with: Brut de Brut Maria Casanovas 


  • Frisée Salad with Payoyo Cheese. Paired with: Manzanilla La Gitana 
  • Ibérico Presa Carpaccio with Caviar . Paired with: Avancia Cuvée O Godello
  • Grilled Quail with Lentil Stew and Black Truffles. Paired with: Madai Mencia
  • Rice with Cod and Seasonal Beans. Paired with: La Bruja de Rozas
  • Basque-style Cake with Iced Milk Ice Cream. Paired with: Rom Cremat Coffee
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