Jaleo Bethesda Presents Dinner with the Winemaker

April 25

Jaleo Bethesda is thrilled to welcome Spanish Winemaker Manuel Manzaneque and Javier Baquero of Grapes of Spain, to lead an interactive wine dinner. The five-course dinner will feature wine from the largest designated origin in the world, La Mancha, paired with a selection of unique tapas from Head Chef Robert Meltzer. 

We're also excited to be pouring 1000 Cepas for the final course, a 100% Cencibel, similar to a Tempranillo. This wine was made from just 1,000 vines, so only a few cases are available. Manuel and Javier will be available for guests to ask questions and learn more about Spain's exquisite wines.

Tickets are available for $75 per person, inclusive of tax and gratuity 


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